December 5, 2008

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G2S Waives Set-Up Fees

November 3, 2008

G2S announced that until December 31, they will waive the set-up fees for new subscribers.

The invasion of the Social Networks

October 28, 2008

With today’s population another means of social contact, or meeting people has became extremely popular. The social networks that are so prevalent on the internet are making it easier and easier for people from all walks of life to meet and form relationships across the globe. And as these relationships blossom, so does the carefree attitude about sharing personal experiences and information.

The thieves of today are also aware of the growing audiences of these networks and have already started to target their victims. According to an article in on BBC news, in 2008 these sites will become an attack vector for the hi-tech gangs who are now behind the vast majority of cyber crime. This data can give criminals knowledge about the names of employees at a company, insight in its managerial make-up or information about its processes to lend credibility to other attacks.

The big challenge for now and the coming future is for individuals and companies alike, is to recognize these problems and the vulnerability of these networks and find means to counter the attacks. By making systems more secure and more complicated, my not be as successful as just refraining from volunteering the detailed information that the thieves are searching for.

SafeCharge International

October 21, 2008

SafeCharge International is one of the leading payment providers
serving the European continent’s online payment needs. With many years
of experience in the e-commerce industry, and with an expert
international staff with offices in Israel, The United Kingdom,
Germany, Cyprus, Bulgaria, and in Brazil; Safecharge has proven that
diversity in the e-commerce industry is needed for the success in
today’s global market.

With the additions of the Gate2Shop ( SafeCharge not only
has the expert skills for helping the large corporations but also small
to medium sized businesses. G2S is a secure online payment provider
that specializes in small to medium businesses and is fully powered by
SafeCharge Technology, so the Risk Management and Fraud protect is the
best in the industry.

With the latest turmoil in the economy the ecommerce has grown at great
proportions. It’s not just the larger businesses that are profiting but
the small to medium sized businesses are growing at a rapid rate. This
is exactly what G2S specializes in; studies have shown that more than
25,000 people gain Internet access every hour. This growth offers great
opportunities and great challenges for existing businesses and
potential customers.

Customers also want consistent, reliable, and easy-to-use service. As
the speed of service increases, customer expectations grow. This,
making customer service friendly, easy, and solution-orientated is an
important business trend. For the e-commerce industry to continue to
succeed, enterprises must coordinate their operations with their
partners and vendors. G2S helps to streamline this integration process
more accurately and efficiently than other business models.

Experts expect the number of European Internet users to rise to more
than 300 million by the end of 2008. European consumers, however, have
yet to get used to shopping online. With the demographic areas
expanding there is more of a need to utilize resources at hand to work
within these countries. This is where the diversity of G2S is the right
provider to tackle this task, G2S has the skills; tools, technology,
and expertise to help its vendors from all industries succeed online
with confidence in a secure environment worldwide.

About Us

October 21, 2008

About us

  • Fast and Easy Integration – Our integration is completed within 72 hours to make sure you are up and running as soon as possible. We strive to make every step of the process as fast as possible.
  • Superior Technology – By starting the process with the technology from SafeCharge and building on it with the expert staff that we employ our technological advances are well out in front of the other providers.
  • First-Class Service –

Gate2Shop was established in response to the growing needs of e-businesses and the need for a total on-line, competitive and flexible e-commerce solution. Gate2Shop offers all of its vendor’s tailor-made solutions, together with superior technology, and first-class customer service.

Combining our flag-ship fraud-prevention tools with our expert risk management team, Gate2Shop vendors can be confident that their business activity is individually analyzed so that fraud is prevented, and valid sales are approved therefore maximizing the use of the online industry.

With over 8 years of industry expertise and the technological know-how, G2S provides vendors of all online industries with a complete solution, superior products and customer services that are not comparable with any others.

Today’s online vendor is looking for more the just a product, they are looking for a total e-commerce solution that is fast and easy, without having to compromise security and reliability. With that vision in mind, PCI Certified G2S provides vendors with the peace of mind that utmost security brings, yet does not waste time with unnecessary bureaucratic hassles or lengthy navigation. G2S provide a smooth and fluid answer to the navigation of the online sales experience.